In your presentation relate how specific understanding of a psychodynamic approach can enhance effective leadership in groups and team

This is a Team assignment to be completed in powerpoint. I need three powerpoint slides withnotes on the bottom of each sligeexplaining each slide presented.
See andview the attached rubric and my obligations/requirements to the team project.
Richard- Introduction/Resistance to Change – These two although they are worth 14 points are pretty straight forward. The introduction pretty much summarizes what’s going on within the scenario and outlines what we are going to talk about in the PP. Resistance to change outlines why people may not want to do what we suggest. I gave this to him because he expressed he has some personal issues going on so if he has the time or chooses he can start the intro with the information from the scenario and then finish the rest after everyone else has done their parts. And the recommendation can be done later as well as it doesn’t necessarily have to feed exactly off what we write.

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