Individual learning project

Individual Learning Project 2 Instructions
Contemporary Management Technique Research Paper
Based on your evaluation of an organization or a segment of an organization in Individual Learning Project 1 select 1 contemporary management technique (listed in the Blocher et al. text) not currently being implemented in the organization/segment that could aid the organization/segment in achieving its critical success factors (CSFs). I chose TQM i can send you myprevious paper and you can go from there.
Using the electronic databases provided by the Jerry Falwell Library and other sources search for journal articles in professional peer-reviewed accounting and business journals that pertain to the contemporary management technique chosen.
Write a research paper in current APA format. The paper must be 1015 double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins and current APA pagination. The font must be 12-point Times New Roman. The paper must include references from at least 5 different sources. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to the essay pages. The title page and the reference page do not count as part of the 1015-page length requirement.
The paper must address the following in order:
Additional guidelines:
The final assignment must be submitted via the SafeAssign submission link.

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