Interpersonal Communication 2

W6 Assignment Constructive Conflict Communication
Interpersonal Communications
Constructive Conflict Communication
In chapter 7 we learned about obstacles to communication specifically in effective and ineffective expressions of emotion. For your paper this week give one personal example of an obstacle you have faced when trying to communicate your emotions effectively such as: social expectations self-protection protecting others and social professional roles. Then give one personal example of when you used an ineffective expression of emotions such as: speaking in generalities not owning feelings and counterfeit emotional language.
Each example should be around one to two paragraphs each
Finally describe two relationships in your life: one in which you feel good about yourself and safe in the connection and one in which you feel disregarded or not valued. Identify instances of each level of confirmation in the satisfying relationship and instances of each level of disconfirmation in the unpleasant one.
This section of your paper should be approximately two paragraphs long.
The total paper should contain a minimum of four total paragraphs (it can be longer). As you write keep in mind that a good paragraph includes four to five sentences!

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