Module 05 Ethics Project – Presentation 1

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Business Law and Ethical Behavior
This week your assignment is going to be pieced together. You have created a business identified trending issues identified possible other ethical issues and done your best to get all of your employees on board.
All that is left is the presentation itself. For your submission this week you are asked to put together a PowerPoint presentation for your employees with accompanying/corresponding presenter notes for your reader. The PowerPoint slide presentation itself will include what is ethically expected of your employees on a day to day basis all identified trending issues from Module 02 and all identified possible issues from Module 03 and guidance on what actions employees should be taking in these ethical dilemmas.
Given the fact that you are not presenting this PowerPoint and because a PowerPoint cannot present itself you are asked to include accompanying reader/presenter notes in the notes section below each slide. These are the key notes that describe explain and teach what the slide is trying to convey. Please note that a PowerPoint is not generally wordy and paragraphs should not be included on a slide. The slide itself is used as a visual for the audience and the notes section which would be read by the presenter is where the substance comes in.
Keep in mind it is HR’s job to expose all dilemmas that may plague their company or employees and adequately educate all employees so these concerns are not encountered in the workplace.
Your PowerPoint must be creative and a minimum of 10 slides not including the introduction or the reference slide.
Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check theCourse Calendarfor specific due dates.
Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint document. (Mac users please remember to append the .pptx extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:
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Here is what I have for module 2
Module-2 Trending Issues
Business Law and Ethical Behavior
Jeff Rover
Rasmussen College
There are ethical issues that are a bother to the bicycle industry and many that could potentially affect Northwoods Bikes.One of the biggest issues is that there is a slow decline in overall bicycle riding participation. There is a large push to sell the bicycles but no real push to promote getting outside and being active by bicycling companies over the last the last 18 years.The overall trend is a slow decline from a peak of 56 million in 1995 to flat overall bicycling riding participation at 39 million for the last three years. (Bicycler Retailer 2014) It is vitally important to engage all segments and channels of trade involved in the U.S bicycle business and bicycling advocacy. Community in a constructive and ongoing discussion about what must be done to grow the bicycle market and to promote a more active lifestyle.Its as simple as complex and as challenging as actually growing bicycle riding participation and the bicycle business in the U.S. which we conclude requires the bicycle business and bicycle advocacy to become more inclusive of the new America and less exclusive as it is now.
There are individuals and entities that have been and are actively engaged in current bicycle business and advocacy activities in the U.S. the fact is that there is a declining trend. One reason may be that bike shops and suppliers in their respective trade associations need to join together.We need to open a dialog focused on doing meaningful things to reverse the steady and inevitable decline the factual history predicts is coming.
The problems and concern for this trend is obvious for Northwoods Bikes. The demand for bicycles has declined and continues to steadily decline over recent years. This in turn means that less people will be buying bicycles and that will mean less business for us. If the trend continues then our company will eventually start to decline and people will be laid off and our company will continue into a downward spiral of loss.Therefore the people that are involved in this business all need to come and work together to reverse this trend. By better advertising finding ways to lower costs and shops and suppliers coming together we believe that this is possible.
Cyclings big and itss worth around 33 Billion dollars as a worldwide industry. However one thing that many people and cyclists dont think a lot about is the bicycle gear that people buy to go with their bike. Most of this equipment gets just thrown away and is made of non-biodegradable material. We all need to do our part to clean up and to try to buy things that are bad for our environment that we and our children must live in.Cyclists dont know the impact of the gear theyre buying but most of them Im sure feel that considering that they are riding a bike and that is enough. The problem is that most helmets made are made of expanded polystyrene(EPS). However once you have an accident and the helmet has done its job its obviously not good anymore and now a person would have to purchase a new helmet because the EPS squishes and you must buy a new one. There are companies such as cycling gear maker Abus recently launched the Ecolution helmet which is made from recycled cardboard based on a honeycomb design. It is 15 % lighter then EPS helmets and can absorb greater impact. (The Gaurdian2014) Waterproofing bikes with the chemicals PFCs-perfluorinated compounds like Scothgaurd which contain chemicals that are known to kill lab rats and causes cancer says cycle wear designer Clare Farrell.She also makes cycling jackets treated with a bluesign registered finish which is an alternative chemistry and an industry system that monitors and limits the sorts of chemicals used across the textile supply chain.
Innovative technology continues to come out with new ways of producing bicycle and accessory parts in a more eco-friendly and biodegradable way Northwoods Bikes will need to really consider looking into some alternative ways of production. However the eco-friendlier products are more likely to cost more and the demand is not all that likely to be of a huge significant impact on our business. However on an ethical basis working towards a cleaner earth may really appeal to many of our customers and potential ones as well.
Now everyone that is big into biking whether it be mountain biking street bikes or people that enjoy speed bikes tend to enjoy reading biking magazines.Invisibility is obviously a major problem plaguing women in the cycling industry.Magazines will say that their reader polls show the readership is largely male.Now this shouldnt be a major surprise particularly since most of the content doesnt include much for women and many product tests lack even a single ladies item.Industry commentator Velocentric did a quick summary of Cycling Weekly magazines covers and found that out of 52 issues only 7 included an image of a woman. (Cycling Industry News 2016)
Magazines that have been aimed specifically toward women have proven to be short-lived.Probably because they try to include too much in a sport that consists of a huge amount of variety.Perhaps the demand is not there. If it were such a high commodity I would imagine there would be at least a handful of subscriptions out there.
Considering Northwoods Bikes on this subject I believe that our company will provide a large selection for men women and children. We will have womens bikes and apparel advertised in the paper and provide copies of many if not all subscriptions of women biking magazines. We will do our best to promote and provide bikes to men and women and not show any sort of favoritism toward either men or women.
Borromeo L. (2014 July 23). The Guardian. Cycling is a green activity but finding sustainable ethical cycling gear is hard. Retrieved from
Garrison C. (2016 March 12). Cycling Industry News. Low Five – How Cycling Media Fails At Gender Equality. Retrieved from
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Here is what I have for Module 3:
Whether it comes down to covering for somebody who appears late or modifying a time sheet abusing company time is really up there in the list of ethical issues. Since employees have a tendency to spend such a large amount of their weekday hours at work they regularly have access to do some of their private chores or pleasurable browsing on company time. This can include setting up medical checkups on company telephone lines texting their boyfriend or girlfriend or looking at holiday getaway flights and hotel rates during working hours. The ethical issue is clearly a misuse of your employer to direct private business on organization time. This does not include a phone call to check up on your sick child or a phone call from school to let you know that your kid is playing hooky. Most companies or organizations will be fine with this especially if you let them know ahead that your child is sick at home or the like. A decent general guideline is for a worker to check with his administrator or Human Resource directors to illuminate what includes as a noteworthy offense for the organization.
Health and Safety
Another ethical thought for companies is how to adjust for cost control with the health and safety interests of workers. Bicycle manufacturing is not without the occasional injury or accident and different work environments where workers use risky gear or take part in physically demanding work ought to have security norms that meet government necessities as well as make dispensing with mishaps a need. Even standard office working environments can pose dangers to workers who are requested that sit or stand throughout the vast majority of the day.In fact certain companies select to compromise on safety controls hardware and preparing to spare cash. This is both unethical and conceivably harming over the long haul if major accidents happen and sets up the company for a lawsuit.
Ethical dilemmas may surface over the span of the HSPs work generally in light of the fact that there might be events when there are irreconcilable situations and steadfastness from the diverse parts of the HSP. The ideal approach to determine predicaments such as these is to keep them from the diverse parts of the HSP. Nevertheless when this is unrealistic administrations comprehension of the professional ethical contemplations of the HSP will enhance the working relationship and expert consequences of these staff. A few viewpoints in the HSPs work requires that administration understands. These incorporate subjects for example conveying data on staff-restorative examinations to administration and the revelation of industrially private data on staff-restorative examinations to administration and the revelation of industrially private data to survey related wellbeing dangers. Administration ought to likewise know that various professional health and safety associations for their individuals have produced rules. In the examples when answers to moral inquiries cannot be determined these rules can be counseled in conjunction with dialogs with HSP associates.
Advancements in innovation and the development of the Internet in the middle of the 21stcentury have delivered a large number of ethical and moral issues for organizations. Organization leaders need to adjust the privacy and opportunity of laborers and office workers while additionally keeping up models that require that organization technology use is for genuine business purposes. There are certain organizations that go so far as to screen all online use and email correspondence from employee PCs and work accounts. An organization may have this privilege yet its leaders need to comprehend the potential worry about privacy and independence among workers of which can be a fine line in and of itself.

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