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The most meaningful point in the Collins Chapters 8 and 9 is Good to great comes about by acumulative processstep by step action by action decision by decision turn by turn of the flywheel-that adds up to sustained and spectacular results..
That is right. Cumulative process combined with a long-term plan often yields great results. The cumulative process is the result of cooperation from all employees regardless of their position in the organization. Any work in the system no matter how simple will help push the company a step forward and help to accelerate the flywheel and thus transform the system from good to great. On the other hand any defect in the system of cumulative process may lead to bad results and cause the disruption of work smoothly.
I think the point that really stuck out to me that when a company was going from good to great there was no miracle moment. On the outside it looked the a company was making some crazy breakthrough but those on the inside didn’t see it this way. For the people on the inside it was a quiet celebrate process of figuring out what needed to be done to create the best future results and then taking the steps to get there. Change in a company isn’t easy and it isn’t a sort of miracle it is hard work and its everyone working as a unit to get to the ultimate goal. According to Fannie Mae this was more on an evolution though the end results were dramatic. Other companies had something similar to say. I just think it is important to note that this does not happen over night but change will be great if you work towards it.
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