schedule risk

Schedule Risk and Readdressing ScopePlease respond to the following:
The critical pathis made up ofthe activities that MUST be completed in order for the project to be considered finished. When a project manager starts a project without considering the critical path it leaves the project open risks and scope creep.What if an activity on the critical path takes longer than expected or impacts the budget significantly more than anticipated?When the critical path is analyzed the project manager and team could realize potential risks and start working on ways to mitigate those risks.Also there would be little to no hope of finishing the project ahead of schedule sincethe project manager wouldn’t be able touse fast tracking to complete some activities concurrently. When the scope is properly addressed the project can benefit from concepts like fast tracking and crashing since the project manager and team have a much clearer picture of their expectations and how they will get there.
Risk and Critical Path
This article makes the point that anything on critical path must be completed by the due date and can’t really be missed or moved asthat can have the potential toimpact other items on the critical path then the entire project is off schedule. Other activities that are not on the critical path have some room for risks that may pop up so to protect the critical path those activities should be anticipated.

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