Stock Market Project

Stock Market Project
In this course you will be required to research the stock market and become familiar with stock market performance indicators. You will also take part in a simulation to see just how good of an investor you can be.
It is important to note that you will be monitoring your stocks for a six-week period. You must begin now so that you will have time to complete all parts of this assignment. Plan ahead!
The problem: You have just inherited $100000 from your millionaire great-uncle. The stipulation is that you must invest it in the stock market until you turn twenty-one. First you must familiarize yourself with the stock market and then decide what some good investments might be.
Your assignment: Follow the research guidelines explained later in this section as you research and respond to the following questions. You will complete this project in four separate parts. Your findings for each part should include and address each of the proposed questions. You will submit each part as instructed on page 15.
Part 1:
Research: Learn the key terms and basic functionality of the stock market.
That needs to be one file by its self.
Part 2:
Invest: Choose 510 companies of your choice to invest your $100000. Now apply what you have learned about the stock market to the Stock Market Game; complete a six-week stock market game simulation.
Part 2 needs to be one file its self.
Part 3:
Draw Conclusions: After you complete the simulation you will compile a report on your achievements of the game.
This needs to be a file by its self.
Part 4:
Make Inferences: Discuss what you have learned from this activity.
This needs to be a file by its self also
So in the end all the parts will need to have there own file.

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