Technology & Young Children rough draft.

1: Topic-Technology & Young Children
Choose a topic that is interesting but be wary of topics that elicit a strong emotional response. We will be writing an objective academic paper in third-person perspective which may be difficult if you feel too personally connected or emotionally passionate.
As you begin to gather research on the topic start organizing your work into an annotated bibliography. You will submit your annotated bibliography for grading and feedback at the end of Week 1. You will use a working thesis statement to guide you. These items may need to be revised before you move forward.
Week 2: Pre-Writing & Organization
After gathering sufficient research you will begin to build a credible argument about the topic which may require revisions to your working thesis statement.
Week 3: Draft Writing
You will submit a rough draft of your academic argument for grading and feedback at the end of You will have time to fully revise and edit your draft over the remaining two weeks of class.

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