Wek 3 Peer Review

It needs to be about 150 words.
Choose2 team member’s Week 2 individual assignments (Business Model and Strategic PlanPart I).
Reviewthe 2 team members’ papers with both positive feedback and areas for improvement.Postthese review comments within the learning team forum as a message or attach a Word document. (You will review a different team member’s drafts each week. By Week 5 all team members’ papers should have been reviewed at least once.) As part of your review providefeedback that team members can incorporate into their drafts.
Select one person to writea synopsis of approximately 350 words including: 1) a summary of review comments; and 2) a discussion of what the team has learned from the review and discussion.Clickthe Assignment Files tab to upload the team’s synopsis document.
Important Note: To earn credit for this assignment you must either have written the team’s synopsis OR provided peer review comments. You will not receive credit if you merely post your paper for review or comment on the synopsis.You may not review your own work. (Teams are intentionally large for this class so hopefully 2 papers will be reviewed. However if only 1 paper is reviewed by default the synopsiswriter is the same person whose paper is being reviewed.)If you have questions on this point please ask

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