Wendy Only 29

Capstone Milestone
Part 1
Collect at least 4 more academic articles on your topic from the disciplines youve selected. Summarize these articles in the context of your topic. They will be included in final draft. Evaluate literature for insights. Craft a list of emergent themes. Students may need to review more articles for all their selected disciplines in weeks 2 and 3 in anticipation of the project; by doing that they would have gotten feedback on literature review that would be relevant for the project; they will need to use additional sources.
Part 2
Revise your capstone based on faculty and peer feedback. Make sure to structure the literature review around emergent themes you discovered during your academic investigation of your topic.
Assemble the disciplinary elements of a literature review to create an interdisciplinary literature review (Capstone Project).
1 page – Cover Page
12 page – Introduction
1 page Topic in the context of self society and change
24 pages Literature by theme
1-2 pages- Prescriptions/Conclusion/new or interdisciplinary understanding of the issue
23 pages References (1215 pages total)

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