1.Jones Hardware had common stock of $9500 and retainedearnings of $3800 at the

1.Jones Hardware had common stock of $9500 and retainedearnings of $3800 at the beginning of the year. At the end of theyear the common stock balance is $9600 and the retained earningsaccount balance is $4200. The net income for the year is $840.What is the retention ratio? 40.48 percent 47.62 percent 59.52percent 52.38percent Question 2 A firm has a debt-equity ratio of0.60. What is the equity multiplier if total equity is $5700? 0.400.48 1.40 1.60 .1 points Question 3 Which one of the followingrelationships is correct? Equity multiplier = 1 Debt-equity ratioTotal asset turnover = 1 + Capital intensity ratio Inventoryturnover = Sales / Average inventory Return on equity = Return onassets Equity multiplier .1 points Question 4 The Lighting Storehas sales of $364000 depreciation of $28000 and taxable incomeof $58000. The capital intensity ratio is 1.2 the debt-equityratio is 0.45 and the tax rate is 34 percent. What is the returnon assets? 6.53 percent 7.21 percent 7.79 percent 8.76 percent .1points Question 5 Puzzles Galore has net income of $400 totalassets of $2600 total equity of $1600 and dividends paid of$35. What is the sustainable rate of growth? 29.55 percent 18.63percent 11.98 percent 24.06 percent .1 points Question 6 A firm hassales of $211000 depreciation of $24600 interest expense of$560 cost of goods sold of $148900 other costs of $6500 and atax rate of 35 percent. What is the firms profit margin? 9.38percent 11.01 percent 6.48 percent 4.93 percent .1 points Question7 A firm has sales of $131000 and inventory of $12200. Thecommon-size income statement lists cost of goods sold at 67 percentand depreciation at 5 percent. How long on average does it take thefirm to sell its inventory? 7.19 days 8.24 days 50.73 days 44.30days .1 points Question 8 The Green Buffet has sales of $428000depreciation of $26500 interest of $1800 net income of $21400and a tax rate of 32 percent. What is the times interest earnedratio? 17.90 18.48 8.78 9.08 .1 points Question 9 Which one of thefollowing represents the maximum growth rate that can be achievedassuming a firm acquires no new external financing? return onequity return on assets internal growth rate sustainable growthrate .1 points Question 10 A firm has sales of $428000 costs of$289000 and net income of $36000. The total asset turnover is1.2 and the debt-equity ratio is 0.4. What is the return on equity?(Hint: Use the Du Pont Identity) 10.50 percent 14.13 percent 9.81percent 12.74 percent

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