1.)On stelae reliefs items such as food depicted betweendeceased and the vertica

1.)On stelae reliefs items such as food depicted betweendeceased and the vertical boarders on right were most symbolic of?2.)On funerary stelae in the Old Kingdom versus those in the FirstIntermediate period how were the figures positioned differently infront of offerings? 3.)Middle and Old Kingdom Egypt share a similarstyle when depicting offerings that was different than the FirstIntermediate Period. Explain the most prominent differences 4.)Whatwas one of the most distinctive body characteristic of the maturemale figure in the First Intermediate Period? 5.)On a (stolen)statue in King Nebhepetra Montuhoteps temple the side of thethrone is decorated with a sema tawy emblem. What did thissymbolize? 6.)The highly colored stela of Inhurnakht and his wifehad several characteristics typical of the First IntermediatePeriod. This comes from the ___________________ cemetery in UpperEgypt. 7.)The area around Dendera in Upper Egypt served as a cultcenter for which goddess? 8.)After Egypt was reunified under acentralized government in the 11th Dynasty what were some therelief figure characteristics that changed? 9.)At the dawn ofMiddle Kingdom a new type of statue was introduced. Known as the____________ statue the figure is seated on the ground withknees drawn up to the chest and is wrapped in a tightly fittedgarment. 10.)the Middle Kingdom coffins would often have a__________________ on the east side that the deceased would facewhile laying on their left side

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