1 page single spaced discussion + references and citation

This week Discussion assignment is more free-ranging and exploratory than others in this course. Its goal is to introduce you to a sample of data sources that are of great interest and value in social science research. For example the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (http://psidonline.isr.umich.edu/): began in 1968 with a nationally representative sample of over 18000 individuals living in 5000 families in the United States. Information on these individuals and their descendants has been collected continuously including data covering employment income wealth expenditures health marriage childbearing child development philanthropy education and numerous other topics. Imagine the kinds of social changes you could analyze across this time span!
you should post a link to at least one data set that you found using the sources below and then say what kinds of specific research questions you could begin to answer using these data.
Sources (in addition to Panel Study of Income Dynamics (above):
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholismhttp://www.niaaa.nih.gov/research/guidelines-and-resources/epidemiologic-data
Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
National Center for Educational Statistics

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