1. You wish to measure the AC value of a composite signal made up of both AC and

1. You wish to measure the AC value of a composite signal made up of both AC and DC voltages. The coupling switch should be set toA. AC. C. GND.B. DC. D. EXT.2. You need to use an oscilloscope to measure an industrial control system that doesn t contain aground reference. Which of the following actions should you take?A. Connect the ground lead of the probe to the chassis and perform your measurements.B. Hook the ground lead to the negative terminal of the power supply before performing measurements.C. Isolate the oscilloscope from ground by using an Isolation Transformer.D. Don t use the ground lead on the probe simply make measurements using the hook tip.3. The amount of phase shift between input and output signals is important when measuringA. SCR circuits. C. transistor circuits.B. TRIAC circuits. D. servo circuits.4. Your oscilloscope s test probe is placed in the 10X or 10:1 position. You measure a waveform as being4 VAC peak-to-peak. What is the actual voltage at this test point?A. 0.04 VAC C. 4 VACB. 0.4 VAC D. 40 VAC5. In a CRT the direction of electron beam deflection depends on theA. type of inert gas that the tube contains.B. amount of voltage that s applied to the deflection plates.C. size of the screen.D. polarity of the voltage that s applied to the deflection plates.6. To increase the vertical size of a 2 V square waveform that appears only one-half division high onyour scope screen you should adjust theA. vertical position control. C. time base control.B. volts per division control. D. coupling switch to ADD.7. The output signal from a frequency inverter will appear on a scope screen as aA. pure sine wave of different frequencies.B. triangular-shaped waveform with distorted peaks.C. distorted square wave.D. distorted sine wave.8. An AC voltage that s present on a DC power supply s output is calledA. distortion. C. oscillation.B. ripple. D. flicker.9. Why should you use caution when measuring high-voltage inductive devices with an oscilloscope?A. If the device shorts a large current spike could destroy the probe.B. The device may not be grounded.C. The device can produce a very high voltage spike when it de-energizes.D. High-voltage inductive devices produce electrical noise that can be displayed instead of the actualwaveform.10. The connector that s used to attach a probe to an input terminal of a scope is called a(n)A. F-type connector. C. Phono style connector.B. T-type connector. D. BNC connector.11. If you re preparing to make a measurement with a scope and you notice that the trace appears blurryand distorted which of the following controls should you adjust?A. The focus adjustment C. The level adjustmentB. The slope control D. The coupling switch12. The deflection plates in a CRT are operated by a varyingA. current. C. power.B. resistance. D. voltage.13. Which one of the following triggering controls is used to select the positive-going or negative-goingedge of a signal for trace triggering?A. The level control C. The line controlB. The slope control D. The field control14. What is the maximum AC input voltage (peak-to-peak) that most oscilloscopes can safely measure?A. 600 V 800 V C. 1000 V 1400 VB. 800 V 1000 V D. 1600 V 1800 V15. Which of the following scope probe connections should be used to make a measurement from an integrated circuit lead?A. An extender on the probe C. A direct probe connectionB. A point-type probe contact D. A needle-tip probe16. A sine wave signal takes 0.01 second to complete one cycle. What is the frequency of this signal?A. 60 Hz C. 100 HzB. 80 Hz D. 120 Hz17. What is the duty cycle of a square wave that s positive for two horizontal divisions and at zero voltsfor four horizontal divisions?A. 25 percent C. 45 percentB. 33 percent D. 65 percent18. What is the peak-to-peak voltage of the AC waveform shown here if the volts per division control is set at 2 V per division?A. 6 V peak-to-peak C. 10 V peak-to-peakB. 8 V peak-to-peak D. 12 V peak-to-peakExamination 5319. A scope s time base is set to 0.05 ms per division. An AC waveform takes five divisions to completeone cycle. What is the frequency of the signal?A. 4 kHz C. 8 kHzB. 6 kHz D. 10 kHz20. What is the frequency of an AC signal that takes 50 s to complete one cycle?A. 200 Hz C. 12 kHzB. 2 kHz D. 20 kHz

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