1000 words Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual orGroup Projects) wi

1000 words Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual orGroup Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will beassigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policyfound in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are basedon midnight Central Time. For your first Individual Project youwill be analyzing two short stories Love in L.A. and A Good ManIs Hard to Find in terms of their similarities and differences.Please write a comparison/contrast essay of 1000 words or morediscussing the questions below. Remember to begin your paper withan engaging introduction and clear thesis statement develop eachpoint in the body of your paper using examples and quotes from thestories and conclude your paper with a restatement of your thesisand closing remarks. Also be sure to maintain your credibility byincluding in-text citations and a reference list correctlyformatted in APA style. 1. Setting: In many ways the two shortstories are set in radically different times and places. There ishowever at least one commonality that both settings share. Discussthe differences and at least one similarity. 2. Characters: o Lovein L.A.: Describe Jake the main character. What kind of man ishe? Is he the storys protagonist or antagonist? Explain youranswer. Describe Mariana. How does she perceive her interactionswith Jake? In what ways are his intentions different from hers? oA Good Man Is Hard to Find: Discuss the personalities and motives(i.e. what does each seem to want?) of the following characters:the grandmother Bailey the childrens mother the children RedSammy Butts The Misfit and the other two escaped criminals. 3.Symbolism: o Love in L.A.: Both the car and freeway are symbolicin this story. What is the deeper meaning of each? o A Good Man IsHard to Find: What do each of these symbolize: the grandmothershat the town of Toomsboro (hint: Toom sounds strikingly similarto another word) and The Misfits car? 4. Themes: What are the mainthemes/messages of each piece? What in other words do you thinkthe authors Dagoberto Gilb and Flannery OConnor are trying tocommunicate about life and human nature in their respectivestories? 5. Tone: What does Gilbs tone seem to reveal about hisattitude toward the characters and plot in Love in L.A.?Likewise what does OConnors tone seem to tell us about herattitude toward the characters and plot in A Good Man Is Hard toFind? 6. Irony: In what ways do the titles of both stories containirony? 7. Moral Codes: (A moral code is an individuals internalset of beliefs and principles that guides their conduct towardothers. Everyone has a moral code although not everyones behavioris necessarily moral or law-abiding.) o Love in L.A.: What isJakes moral code? Elaborate on your answer using at least twoexamples from the story to support your opinion. o A Good Man IsHard to Find: By what moral codes do the grandmother and TheMisfit live by? What external influences (upbringing faithexperiences etc.) have shaped their codes? Discuss the goodness(or lack thereof) of both characters. Do they or anyone else in thestory qualify as a good man? Why or why not? 8. Final Thoughts:Literature intersects with many areas of our lives often providingcommentary on cultural norms andin the case of the OConnorstorythe influence of religion on individuals and societies. Inwhat ways has reading Love in L.A. and A Good Man Is Hard toFind impacted your own views on love goodness and religiousfaith?

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