2. Please write an essay of 1000 words or more discussing thequestions below. As

2. Please write an essay of 1000 words or more discussing thequestions below. As always begin your paper with an engagingintroduction and clear thesis statement develop each point in thebody of your paper using examples and quotes from the play andconclude your paper with a restatement of your thesis and closingremarks. In addition be sure to maintain your credibility byincluding in-text citations and a reference list correctlyformatted in APA style. 1. Setting: What is the setting of theplay in terms of the time period region and weather? Explain thecondition of the house. What emotional response does the settingevoke in you? 2. Characters: Describe the main characters: countyattorney George Henderson sheriff Henry Peters neighbor LewisHale Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. What do you also know about Johnand Minnie Wright? Who in this story do you feel is/are theprotagonist(s) and who is/are the antagonist(s)? 3. Plot: Summarizethe plot of the play in terms of its narrative arc (also known apyramidal pattern): exposition rising action conflict climaxfalling action and resolution/dnouement. What makes the storysuspenseful? 4. Stage Directions: Comment on Glaspells stagedirections. What information do they reveal that you would have notbeen able to glean from the dialogue alone? 5. Symbolism: Elaborateon the symbolic meaning of the birdcage the dead canary the nooseand the items referred to as trifles. 6. Themes: Remark on themain messages of this play. What is the meaning of the titleTrifles? In your opinion what is Glaspell saying about genderdifferences and marriage in this story? 7. Genre: Because this is aplay most of the story is told in dialogue format. Articulate thedifferences between reading a drama and reading a short story.Comment too on the experience of reading a drama versus watchingit performed by actors. 8. Final Thoughts: Trifles is based on atrue crime story that Susan Glaspell reported on as a journalistfrom 1898-1901. Do some background research on the actual events(one recommended website is http://www.midnightassassin.com/index.html) andwrite about the increasing empathy Glaspell felt toward MargaretHossack the alleged murderess as Glaspell covered the case. Doyou empathize with Hossack and her fictional counterpart MinnieWright? Why or why not? What overall impact has the play had onyou?

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