3-5 page paper(Read all details and instructions A+ work)

The local county health department has outgrown the current space and has recently purchased a new building that will house clinicians and supporting structures. You have been hired as a consultant to advise the county resource manager as to what components she needs to purchase in order to build a HIPAA compliant network that will be used to collect and store data that supports the health department’s daily operations. It is anticipated that the clinics run by the health department collect in the range of 2 gigs of information monthly including text data imaging data and data that is generated by medical devices such as electronic EKG machines.
You are a new consultant and are eager to do a good job in your first assignment. Research the resources that are available to you that you need to provide accurate recommendations for the resource manager. Write a 35 page paper that includes the following topics:
Assignment Requirements
DUE 04/28/2017 7:00PM Eastern Time

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