500 WORDS Have you ever attended a play or musical? Do youfrequently watch telev

500 WORDS Have you ever attended a play or musical? Do youfrequently watch television programs or movies? Nowadays drama ismore popular in American culture than ever before. Yet what someforget is that it is a literary art form crafted by playwrights TVand comedy writers and Hollywood screenwriters. Drama shares manyof the same elements as fiction and poetry; however this literarygenre is designed to be acted out on a stage or dramatized infront of screen audiences. After you read the assigned essays inthe textbook (and possibly the optional Seinfeld episode ThePitch) please discuss the following questions: 1. Why in youropinion are dramas known as plays? 2. Talk about a time in whichyou attended a play musical or operaat a school church or otherpublic venue. Describe the experience: the sights and sounds themood of the audience and the impact of seeing a drama performed ona live stage. 3. Have you ever acted and/or sung in a dramaticpresentation? If so depict for your classmates what it was like tobe up on a stage performing material from a script. If you havenever performed dramatic material have you ever desired to? Why orwhy not? 4. Describe a favorite television show or movie in termsof its main characters setting(s) basic plot conflicts andthemes. What makes it one of your favorites? no plagiarismplease

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