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Due to recent natural and man-made disasters that have impacted healthcare technology and operations the Chief Security Officer (CSO) Robert Dumbarhas great concerns regarding the continuous operations of the Call Center Services (CCS) and the ability to restore all applications equipment and data assets ASAP in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.At the request of the CSO the IAS Director of OHCS has organized an internal team to analyze the companies’ current Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan (BC/DRP) and develop a formal BC/DRP strategy.
The focus of this request is to develop a BC/DRP strategy for the following departments:
Conduct research exploring other company’s BC/DRP strategies including:
Task:your analysis should focus on the Call Center Services being able to function at 100% capacity and then describe the back-up strategy current state as well as recommendations to improve the process.
Thinking each piece of analysis should include these 4 parts: 1. What’s the current state? 2. What’s the current state lacking? 3. Recommendations to improve current state/remediate deficiencies 4. References (in APA format).
DUE 04/29/2017 10:00pm ET

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