(Bank Reconciliation and Adjusting

(Bank Reconciliation and Adjusting Entries) Logan B r uno Company has just r eceived the August 31 2014 bank statement which is summarized below. County National Bank Disbursements Receipts Balance Balance August 1 $ 9369 Deposits during August $32200 41569 Note collected for depositor including $40 interest 1040 42609 Checks cleared during August $34500 8109 Bank service charges 20 8089 Balance August 31 8089 The general ledger Cash account contained the following entries for the month of August. Cash Balance August 1 10050 Disbursements in August 34903 Receipts during August 35000 Deposits in transit at August 31 are $3800 and checks outstanding at August 31 total $1050. Cash on hand at August 31 is $310. The bookkeeper improperly entered one check in the books at $146.50 which was written for $164.50 for supplies (expense); it cleared the bank during the month of August. Instructions (a) P r epa r e a bank r econciliation dated August 31 2014 p r oceeding to a cor r ect balance. (b) P r epa r e any entries necessary to make the books cor r ect and complete. (c) What amount of cash should be r eported in the August 31 balance sheet?

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