Computer Forensics 1

Project Topic : Stenography in Computer Forensics
The project consists of writing a term paper. The term paper’s topic must cover a current digital forensics topic (choose wisely as choosing an appropriate topic is part of the grading process) and must include the use of at least one (1) digital forensic tool. You can use our Digital Forensics pod in NetLab to use a tool to acquire the necessary screenshots for your paper. The paper must follow the following guidelines:
5 – 7 pages of textual content (excluding any type of graphics – this is a 5 page minimum and 7 page maximum).
Graphics (such as forensic tool screenshots) are required but not part of the 5 – 7 page count.
Cover page reference page TOC are required but not part of the 5 – 7 page count.
Times New Roman font 12 point with 1 margins around.
Double spaced (except bullets are single spaced).
APA writing standard.
Your Term Paper will be ran through a plagiarism tool such as Turn-It-In and also read grading rubric for further guidance. Remember that this paper counts for 15% of your grade and is an excellent opportunity to improve your current grade by submitting an outstanding term paper.

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