Create a correlation table for the variables in our EmployeeSalary Data Set. (Us

Create a correlation table for the variables in our EmployeeSalary Data Set. (Use analysis ToolPak or StatPlus:mac LE functionCorrelation). Reviewing the data levels from week 1 what variablescan be used in a Pearsons Correlation Table (which is what Excelproduces)? Place the table here. Using r= approximately .28 as thesignificant r value (at p = .05) for a correlation between 50values what variables are significantly related to salary? Tocompa? Looking at the above correlations both significant or not are there any surprises by that I mean any relationships youexpected to be meaningful and are not and vice-versa? Does thisinformation help us answer our equal pay for equal work question?Below is a regression analysis for salary being predicted/explainedby the other variables in our sample (Midpoint age performancerating service raise and degree variables). Note: since salaryand compa are different ways of expressing an employees salary wedo not want to have both used in the same regression. Pleaseinterpret the findings. Perform a regression analysis using compaas the dependent variable and the same independent variables asused in question 2. Show the result and interpret your findings byanswering the same questions. Note: be sure to include theappropriate hypothesis statements. Based on all of your results todate is gender a factor in the pay practices of this company? Ifso which gender gets paid more? How do we know? Which is the bestvariable to use in analyzing pay practices salary or compa? Why?What is the most interesting or surprising thing about the resultswe got doing the analyses during the last 5 weeks? Why did thesingle factor tests and analysis (such as t and single factor ANOVAtests on salary equality) not provide a complete answer to oursalary equality question? What outcomes in your life or work mightbenefit from a multiple regression examination rather than asimpler one variable test?

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