Deterministic Model for First Country: dS1 dt =(1 ?? x1

Deterministic Model for First Country: dS1 dt =(1 ?? x1) ?? S1I1 ?? S1; (1a) dI1 dt =S1I1 ?? I1 ?? I1; (1b) dR1 dt =x1 + I1 ?? R1; (1c) dx1 dt =x1(1 ?? x1)[??rv + rimI1]; (1d) Deterministic Model for Second Country: dS2 dt =(1 ?? x2) ?? S2I2 ?? S2; (2a) dI2 dt =S2I2 ?? I2 ?? I2; (2b) dR2 dt =x2 + I2 ?? R2; (2c) dx2 dt =x2(1 ?? x2)[??rv + rimI2]; (2d) I need to convert the Deterministic Models in both countries TO stochas- tic models after that I need of you write a code in Matlab to show the numbers of the people they are Susceptible and infected and recovered. The method that I am looking for in Stochastic is Markov Chain. Please consider two countries when you apply Markov chain. Please see the Paper that I attached to understand the concepts of Deterministic model and later you can gure out the Stochastic Model. 1

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