english 89

Film: Hoop Dreams (1994) Handout: Thomas G. Palaima The NCAA and the Athletes It Fails Blair Reader: Henry Louis Gates Jr. Delusions of Grandeur Resource of your choice from ProQuestTopic: Based on what you read in Henry Louis Gates Delusions ofGrandeur Thomas G. Palaimas The NCAA and the Athletes It Failsyour own research and what you learned from watching the film HoopDreams write an essay that addresses the following prompt:Argue whether or not The National Collegiate Athletic Association failsits student athletes. Note: you must define what it means to be a studentathlete to successfully answer the question.Essay Guidelines:1. Essays must be at least 3.5 pages typed double spaced and with 1inch margins.2. Use proper MLA formatting.3. Do not use 2nd person pronouns (you your). If you do I will deduct10 points for each use. Only use 1st person pronouns (I me my weus our) for personal examples used as evidence not for argument.4. You must use quotes from one of the sources listed above and fromone resource of your own finding in your essay to help support yourthesis. This means you must include in-text citations and a workscited page for every source used.5. If you do not use proper MLA citation format and proper MLApaper format you will receive credit for turning in the assignmentbut no points.6. Carefully proofread and edit your work.

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