Final Project Overview: The Final Project is due at the end ofUnit 5. Overview T

Final Project Overview: The Final Project is due at the end ofUnit 5. Overview The purpose of the Final Project Research Paper isto examine capital-structure theory issues and debates whileshowing how capital-structure choices affect a firms return oninvestment (ROI) and its risk profile. Directions Your Assignmentis to select a publicly-held company and to analyze its capitalstructure applying the theories and principles found in Chapter 15of the text. The structure of your research paper should include: A preview of capital structure issues Business and financialrisks related to capital structure Modigliani and Millers [MM]capital-structure theory Criticisms of the MM model andassumptions Capital structure evidence and implications Estimating the firms optimal capital structure A firms optimalcapital-structure is that mix of debt and equity that maximizes thestock price. At any point in time management has a specific targetcapital structure in mind presumably the optimal one though thistarget may change over time. For example financial management maychoose a 50% equity financing [stock] and 50% debt [bond]financing. Several factors influence a firms capital structureincluding: Business risk Tax position The need for financialflexibility Managerial conservativeness Growth opportunitiesBusiness risk is the riskiness inherent in the firms operations ifit uses no debt. This report is intended to be a capital structureanalysis of your selected public company. Your paper is intended tobe an executive summary of your analysis and is limited to aminimum of 5 7 pages of text excluding the title page table ofcontents graphs charts tables etc. This summary report of yourselected companys capital structure should convey the qualitydepth and completeness of your capital structure analysis withoutgoing into excessive detail. Unit 1 [GB550:Financial Management] Please note that there is no Assignment duefor this project in Unit 1. The first deliverable for the FinalProject is due at the end of Unit 3. APA Style Required The reportshould adhere to APA format. A minimum of 4 reference sources arerequired in addition to the text. Directions for Submitting theFinal Project Compose your research paper in a MS Word document andsave it as Username-GB550 Final Project-Unit#.doc (Example: TAllen-GB550 Final Project-Unit 5.doc). Submit your file by selecting theUnit 5: Final Project Dropbox by the end of Unit 5. Unit 3: FinalProject Assignment There are three parts that are due in this unittowards the final research paper that is due in unit 5: Part I -The Abstract Part II Table of Contents Part III Preliminaryreference list Part I The Abstract Research papers theses anddissertations include an abstracta short concise summary of yourresearch. Your abstract should approximate 200 words. The abstractshould briefly: Establish the topic of the research Articulatethe research problem question and/or purpose/objective of theresearch Indicate the methodology used Present the expectedfindings Present the anticipated conclusions The abstract shouldinclude if possible the keywords of your research. An abstractgenerally emphasizes the main findings and conclusions of theresearch study. Part II Table of Contents Submit a brief one pagetable of contents outlining the proposed structure organizationand logic of your graduate research paper. Unit 1[GB550: Financial Management] Part III Preliminary reference listSubmit your preliminary reference list detailing your anticipatedreference sources. A minimum of four references are requiredexcluding the textbook. Sources should be from academic scholarlyrefereed journals. Use of Internet-retrieved and cited sourcesshould be minimized. Wikipedia dictionaries encyclopedias or anyopen source Web sites are not permitted. Schedule of DeliverablesUnit 1: Review Final Project and start working on Part I Part IIand Part III (Nothing to submit) Unit 2: Continue working on PartI Part II and Part III (Nothing to submit) Unit 3: Complete andsubmit Part I Part II and Part III Unit 4: Work on the draft ofyou Final Project (Nothing to submit) Unit 5: Complete and submitthe Final Project

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