For your third Individual Project you will be writing an essayof 1000 words or m

For your third Individual Project you will be writing an essayof 1000 words or more about two additional poems from the assignedreading list. Please select two works from the list offifteenexcluding the one you already reflected on in Part A of thePhase 3 DB assignmentand answer the questions below. Again besure to begin your paper with an engaging introduction and clearthesis statement develop each point in the body of your paperusing examples and quotes from the poems and conclude your paperwith a restatement of your thesis and closing remarks. Also makesure you maintain your credibility by including in-text citationsand a reference list correctly formatted in APA style. 1. Imagery:What visual images can you identify in both poems? Comment on thedetails you notice about objects places people colors texturesand so forth. Which of your other senses are stimulated by thepoets descriptions? 2. Figures of Speech: List the specificmetaphors similes puns and other figures of speech each poet usesand how they contribute to the poems overall meaning. (Rememberfigurative language is not literal but rather suggestive ofsomething else. For example the metaphor Jack is a pig is nota reference to an actual animal with hooves but rather someonenamed Jack who has pig-like qualities or mannerisms.) 3. Symbolism:Identify the symbols you notice in each poem. What abstractconcepts (e.g. love death truth) might the concrete objects(e.g. persons places things) suggest? 4. Language and WordChoice: Every word in a poem has been included (or left out) aftermuch deliberation as poets choose their words very carefully.Remark on the following in each poem: Does the poet use informal orformal language? Does he or she write in an older dialect orcontemporary English? Provide examples. 5. Tone: What tone doeseach poet take (e.g. sad humorous sarcastic loving etc.)toward his or her subject matter? 6. Themes: What are the mainmessages of both poems? Give reasons for your answers. 7. Sound:Read both poems aloud. What do you notice about their rhythmsrhyme schemes and musicality? How does listening to the sound of apoem differ from merely reading it as words on a page? FinalThoughts: Poetry can enlighten and/or evoke deep emotion inreaders. Express the impact each of the two poems you have analyzedfor this assignment had on you. What insights did you gain aboutlife or human nature and what feelings did each piece stir in you?Has your view of poetry changed in any way since reading andanalyzing the Phase 3 poems? Explain your answer. no plagiarismplease

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