HOMEWORKE6/lab format (3).docx Spring 2010/11 Assignmen

HOMEWORKE6/lab format (3).docx
Spring 2010/11
Assignment Due Date:
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Items marked in red italics are to be filled in by the student. Remove the red font color and italics font in the final draft.
Assignment Name
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If the assignment is a homework the objective is just the topical area covering the homework and the Procedure and Results are removed from the assignment sheetAssignment
Type the objectives in your own words here.
Outline the procedures used to complete the assignment if the assignment was a laboratory assignment. The procedure should not identify every step but rather identify what procedures were employed in the assignment. Remove this section for homework assignments.
Give the results in this section. Additionally any conclusion drawn from the assignment should be included in this section. It is often very helpful to put the findings in a tabular form with enough caption information to identify the values. For screen captured images that are not required in the Questions section make sure that a caption is employed to identify the figure. Also when including a screen capture crop the final image to remove extraneous imagery. Remove this section for homework assignments.
If the assignment involved answering any questions they are placed in this section. Make sure that the questions are numbered consecutively from 1. If there are no questions for the assignment remove this section from the report.
Other Information:
This section is intended to include other information that is important for the assignment. For example if a Matlab program is being used this section will include a hardcopy of the code. Remove this section if there is no additional information required for the assignment.
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