I need the answers to the sections that are highlighted as I already have the

I need the answers to the sections that are highlighted as I already have the other information which is available in the textbook solutions section. So
please look at the solutions provided on Questions #25 and #26 and provide me with the answers please! Thanks in advance!

Answer Question 25 and 26 which you will find on Page 46 of your textbook. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (10th edition) By Ross Westerfield and
Jordan (ISBN 9780078034633)

For Q25 draw up an income statement and balance sheet. Be sure to follow the format as outlined in the text and on the lecture.

For Q26 cite the formula for operating cash flow and then plug-in the correct numbers. For Q26 you need to submit only Operating Cash Flow
not all three cash flow measures.

After you have completed your income statement and balance sheet compute the following financial ratios for both fiscal years: 1) current ratio; 2)
quick ratio; 3)accounts receivable turnover; 4)inventory turnover; 5)debt to equity; 6)profit margin; 7)return on equity. For all ratios cite the formula and
then plug-in numbers. Show all your work not just the final answer. Remember to compute ratios for both years!

Does this company appear to be a healthy company? Comment and include financial numbers and ratios from your work above to
support your answer which should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs single-spaced.

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