. In a news release information should be ordered from mostimportant to least im

. In a news release information should be ordered from mostimportant to least important. A) True B) False 2. Trip reports maymake recommendations A) True B) False 3. Passive voice should notbe used in science lab reports because it does not keep the reportobjective. A) True B) False 4. Personal bias is not appropriate inscience lab reports or forensic reports. A) True B) False 5. Thefollowing set of instructions proceeds forward in time:a. Removethe filter.b. Clean the filter sleeve and water reservoir(buckets).c. Reinstall the filter.d. Use hot water and soap toclean the filter sleeve and reservoir.e. Use cold water and a softbrush to clean the filter. A) True B) False 6. The higher a personmoves up the corporate ladder the less likely he or she is to giveoral presentations. A) True B) False 7. The time needed to developa graphic the cost of developing the graphic and theeffectiveness of the graphic are the only considerations in the useof graphics. A) True B) False 8. In an unsolicited report thewriter may have a difficult time determining the readers reaction.A) True B) False 9. None of the research conducted for arecommendation report involves field research. A) True B) False 10.A letter or memo of transmittal is the document a writer preparesto offer an alternative solution. A) True B) False 11. Who does notneed the information conveyed by progress and periodic reports? A)business clients B) the general public C) vendors 12. A newsrelease should open with a(n) A) catchy word or idea B)introduction C) salutation such as Dear Madam or Sir. 13. Inwriting a summary or an abstract which of the following isacceptable? A) using present tense B) quoting extensively C) givingones opinion 14. Objectivity is A) writing with such accuracy thatothers can duplicate the procedure B) using inductive and deductivereasoning to come to valid conclusions about natural phenomenon C)not letting bias or personal opinion affect ones observations. 15.Forensic experts A) write reports B) testify in legal proceedingsC) both A and B. 16. Passive voice is A) never used in a sciencelab report. B) always used in a science lab report C) used in ascience lab report when the methodology or procedures are described17. Which of the following does not pertain to PowerPointpresentations? A) use of serif fonts B) selection of portraitlayout for slides C) use of a title or heading for each slide D)placement of clip art in the lower right corner of a slide 18.Which strategy should the writer of a recommendation report use fora receptive audience? A) introduction recommendation scopeappendix B) introduction recommendation scope conclusion C)introduction recommendation scope discussion with extensivedetails D) introduction recommendation scope discussion withlimited details 19. Employees who see their leaders as moral A)feel less valued B) are less than satisfied with their company C)feel less pressure to compromise their ethical standards. D) all ofthe above 20. What was Johnson & Johnsons response when in1986 someone tampered with a bottle of its popular productTylenol? A) The company removed Tylenol from stores B) The companyproduced a tamper-proof cap. C) both a and b D) neither a nor b 21.The three steps of planning instructions are creating a flowchartworking the process backward and _n_. 22. _n_ evaluatesinstructions by asking subjects to use a product or perform anactivity. 23. _n_ evaluates instructions by asking subjects tocomplete a questionnaire or answer questions about a task afterthey have performed the task. 24. Computer-based instructions suchas help menus are also called _n_. 25. In a set of instructions asymbol or graphic that represents danger often accompanies the _n_.26. Values help people set _n_ or rules to guide their behavior.27. Honesty justice and hard work are examples of _n_ which areideas that determine how a person acts. 28. According to a 2007survey conducted by the Ethics Resource Center more than _____percent of the employees contacted said that they saw a personinvolved in some kind of ethical violation. 29. In a(n) _n_ aperson pledges to make responsible and moral decisions. 30. A(n)_n_ states a companys commitment to ethical behavior. 31. Matcheach term with the correct definition A. criteria B. rank C.standard D. recommendation report E. unreceptive F. receptive G.solicited H. Introduction section I. Scope section J. Discussionsection

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