information technology 13

You are the IT manager of an Elementary School. The school is adding computers that have been donated by a local company. An extended star topology has been suggested using some hubs that are available. The school agrees with your idea of adding a switch working as a backbone switch as shown in the figure below. The plan is to replace the classroom hubs as the budget allows.
Scenario: For now the very basic details are as follows:the Elementary Schoolis a four-year-old single-level building with 12 classrooms and a library. Each classroom currently has 24 students but could possibly seat 32 students. There are currently no portable classrooms but a student enrollment growth is just starting to hit the school.
Enough computers are available for six classrooms and the library immediately and the intent is to outfit the remaining six classrooms next year. The plan is to make the Internet and some online services available to the students. The computers are current enough to be useful for at least two years.
The library which is somewhat centrally located is where the server(s) and router connecting the school to the Internet will be located. Assume that all rooms will have 24 computers and that each room will use a stackable hub solution that combines a 12-port hub and a 24-port hub for 36 total ports. Being stackable units the network will see each stack as a single 36-port device.
Write a 2-4 page paper using the APA style that answers these questions. Provide enough detail to fully support your opinion.

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