Plant Lab Report Form Procedures: 1. Visit

Plant Lab Report Form Procedures: 1. Visit;Introductionto the Plantae: The green kingdom University of CaliforniaBerkeley Museum of Paleontology. Click the Systematics link andlearn more about a group you desire to begin researching for thislab. Note: The boxes without images have not yet been developed. 2.Visit a number of websites (a few starters are listed below) thatdeal with the great diversity of plants and their biologicalecological and economic impacts on life and humansociety.Gather (and cite!) information and images to allowyou to prepare a poster or PowerPoint presentation. 3. In yourposter or PowerPoint presentation you will need to detail theclassification of the group of creatures you are detailing. Includethe time of first occurrence fossil record (if any) economic andsocietal impact of the group and its evolutionary importance (forexample the green algae are not terribly important save as a stemgroup for the evolution of plants). Example sites: Tree of Life WebProject. Maintained by scientists and collaborators this siteorganizes over 5000 web pages about the classification andrelationships of the domains and other taxonomic groups. for Systematics. This site compiles many links to aid yourresearch.

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