Professionalism in Workplace Questions

1. A co-worker sends you a business-related email about the new project assignment. The email has numerous grammar and spelling errors. His language is confusing and you are not certain what the message is stating. You bring up the issue and he responds disgruntled and angrily stating that it was only an email and you are overreacting. By utilizing the concepts from the readings for this unit how would you appropriately respond to this situation as a professional?
2.Suppose you just received a phone call about your dream job and the company would like to invite you to an interview. Conduct initial research about the company and determine what types of things you want to know about the company and/or the job. Plus what types of things do you want the company to know about you? What types of questions would you like to ask the company and why? What types of questions do you hope the company asks you and why?Be sure to use your critical-thinking skills for this discussion. There are no right and wrong responses. The purpose of this exercise is to intentionally discuss these details among your peers and practice preparing for the real thing.

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