reflection paper 17

Final Reflective Essay Assignment
2 pages double-spaced
For this assignment you will compose a brief reflective essay that discusses the progress and evolution of your writing over the course of this semester. It is up to you to decide what to emphasize (since it is your personal reflection) but youll likely want to address the following topics in some degree:
Think back to your mindset at the beginning of the semester. Have you accomplished any of the goals you set for yourself? Have you overcome any challenges you anticipated?
What additional skills have you acquired? Where might you find these skills to be useful beyond our specific class (either in future classes or outside of academia)?
In terms of content (literature your individual research etc.) what knowledge have you gained that you find particularly interesting or valuable?
What challenges do you still face when sitting down to write a paper or critically analyze a text?
The essay does not need a formal thesis and it can be written from a first-person perspective (but of course make sure to write clearly and to proofread your work thoroughly).

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