Rely 8 Write an initial substantive response of 90 word

Rely 8
Write an initial substantive response of 90 words in length. Begin your response with a restatement of the question/prompt and include in-text citation(s) and a reference for each scholarly source used according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide located in the Student Success Center. The restatement of the question/prompt the references and the citations are not included in your response word count.
Christiana Udofia
Re:Module 8 DQ 2Still way to go but I have learn much in this class starting with proper APA formatting even though some mistakes every now and then but I can say I am way better than when I started. The most intriguing is being able to identify empirical article from other articles differences between quantitative and qualitative research. Learning how to critique a research article; how researchers will use statistics in data collection using the basics mean median and mode (measure of central tendency) and their applications in research. Completing this course has enhanced my writing and how to interact with my classmates being introduced to dissertation which is most important in my doctoral program. Dr. Kelly has been of great help in all aspect and had laid a solid foundation to build on as I continue and the direction to follow in this doctoral journey. I know this is just the beginning of the long journey ahead but I am optimistic as I stay focus for a positive outcome learning how to balance a list of hundreds on a given day with my academics.

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