RFID in Agriculture

Each student is required to research and collect data and information regarding an RFID system that can be integrated into business processes to solve common problems in their individualindustry career or field of study. The paper does not require the researcher/author to include a significant amount of technical data about the system but rather information about the business justification planning purchasing installing and maintaining of the system. The paper should include:
RFID in agriculture
In this research paper students are encouraged to look both inside and outside the box for gaining knowledge about RFID. Much of the information gathered will be through research and should be documented appropriately.
Keep your format simple and direct
Include graphics and/or diagrams in your paper where appropriate
A minimum of five (peer review – journal articles or books) references
APA format should be followed in regards to cover page pagination references personal communications citations headings and quotations
Include a title page table of contents (figures and tables listed) abstract main body of your research and references and appendices as needed (business case project plan etc)

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