There are two parts in the is information literacyassignment and ot

There are two parts in the is information literacyassignment and other one is source summary.i have uploaded twofiles and one is for information literacy and other for sourcesummary.they both have instruction inside.for the informationliteracy you have to read the article and based on that you have toresponse and the source summary there is a direction and make sureyou keep the same topic that you used in last homework that way itsnot a problem and as usual please use your own words in homeworklike you did in last homework.and here is the instruction that ourteacher posted.please read the direction carefully and send me anmessage after you get so i know that you working on it and if youhave any question please let me know.When it says to open the linkin information literacy assignment is the one that i have uploadedso that way you can open it and read it. Information LiteracyAssignment (35 points) The purpose of this assignment is to learnabout information literacy by exploring the concept of peer review.You may be familiar with peer review in prior writing courses butwhat does it mean when you talk about peer review in relation toacademic source material?

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