This week you will be starting work on your Final Project for this module. The

This week you will be starting work on your Final Project for this module. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. Students are expected to use diverse external sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing published work. Students are encouraged to use situations and data from their own experience where possible. Your task for Week 5 is to prepare and hand in a proposal including the nature of the project the sources of information you plan to use and the most important concepts and techniques to be applied. You will receive feedback on the proposal from the Instructor in Week 6 which will give you time to make adjustments. For this project you will research a well-known multinational company or a multinational organisation that you know well and propose an appropriate reward and pay strategy that you believe would best motivate employees to meet the overall organisational strategy and objectives. Your Final Project will: Naturally a reference list of sources will be appended to the final analysis. Your analysis and discussion should have a theoretical foundation based in library research and should demonstrate an awareness of the effect of cultural values on successfully managing a diverse workforce.requirments;1- please make sure that the Reference to theory according to harvard2- 1000 word but please make sure that the paragraphs are not taken from other previous projects3- the company that i need to make the project about is Shell 4- i do have the data from text book to the journals that the project should include5- it should be 1000 words excluding the references

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