(Use the following Olympic data for this assignment.)OLYMPICS100 meter free-styl

(Use the following Olympic data for this assignment.)OLYMPICS100 meter free-style Olympic Gold Medal Swimming Records (seconds)YearMenWomen189682.20190062.80190473.40190865.60191263.4082.20192061.4073.60192459.0072.40192858.6071.00193258.2066.80193657.6065.90194857.3066.30195257.4066.80195655.4062.00196055.2061.20196453.4059.50196852.2060.00197251.1158.59197649.9955.65198050.4054.79198449.8055.92198848.6354.93199249.0254.64199648.7454.50200048.3053.83200448.1753.84200847.2153.12Enter the data above in an Excel spreadsheet place it on the first worksheet and label the worksheet OlympicData . Create two additional worksheets labeled PolyTrend and ExpTrend . On each of those worksheets create an XY chart from the data to illustrate the information graphically. Ensure that your charts are labeled with a title and legends for the x and y-axis. Use three different orders of polynomials in creating trend lines on the PolyTrend worksheet. On the ExpTrend worksheet create an exponential trend line. Remember to make the information look presentable.Formatting:Text Size: All of the main text in this assignment needs to be set in 10 or 12-point size. Please resist the temptation to mix and match point sizes. If you doubt your applications intentions just select all of your text and insure that it is in 10 or 12-point size. Your titles legends and labels can be different sizes.Margins: The right and left side can be set for (0.5) margins. Set the top and bottom margins to one (1 ). The only text that ends up on the outside of the one-inch margin is the page number.Name Block: Place the name block in the upper left corner of the page. In MS Excel use the left side cells. In this class the name block only needs to be on the first page/first worksheet. Put your name first then the class title and then the due date.Title: All homework assignments have a title. For all Excel-based assignments skip one cell and place the title on the leftjust below the name block. The title for this assignment is Homework 2 .Spelling/Grammar Checking: Remember to do your spelling and grammar checking before turning your assignments in. When doing the spelling/grammar checking keep in mind that some words such as mush and must woods and words or here and cow will not be caught by either check. To correct these problems you will need to proofread your work.Page Numbers: Any homework that has more than one page needs to have page numbers on it. Please place your page numbers on the bottom of the page. In MS Excel use the footer selection and place the page number in the bottom center or bottom right of the page.Saving/Naming Your File:When you save your file make sure that your name the class number and the project number are included in it.Example: YourName403HW2

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