Virus Check There are several Web sites that include a free virus check as well

Virus Check There are several Web sites that include a free virus check as well as other types of diagnostic software. For this project find a free virus check available on the Web site of a company that makes antivirus software (such as the Symantec Security Scan at and run the free virus check. You may also use the antivirus software already installed on your computer. NOTE: The programs may require temporarily downloading a small program or an ActiveX component. If you are unable to perform this task on a school computer ask your instructor for alternate instructions. If the check takes more than 10 minutes and there is an option to limit the check to a particular drive and folder redo the check but scan only part of the hard drive (such as the Documents folder) to save time. After the virus scan is completed use the print screen* feature to copy the results into a word document. Answer the following questions using real-life examples in an at least three (3) page APA paper. Place the following statements in bold within the paper. Use at least four (4) scholarly resources to support your answers. Include a title page introduction well developed body conclusion and references. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Describe if there were any viruses or other security threats on your computer. Explain if running a virus check is considered a responsible use of technology. Analyze the influence virus checks have had on the evolution of technology. Elaborate on ways this type of technology has on our culture. Offer possible outcomes on how this technology may impact the future.

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