You have been informed that the company you work for willundergo a company-wide

You have been informed that the company you work for willundergo a company-wide downsizing. Your department was affected bythe downsizing and will be merging with another department. Youhave been requested to oversee the merge and serve as a manager forthe new department. Take the Whats My Preferred Conflict HandlingStyle? assessment in the Pearson-Prentice Hall Self-AssessmentLibrary. Click Assessments. Click Working with Others. Click Powerand Conflict Skills. Click Whats My Preferred Conflict HandlingStyle? Create a plan to present to the Board of Directors forapproval on how to manage any interpersonal challenges that mayarise. Develop a 5- to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.Address the following in your presentation: Describe the twosubgroups involved and the nature of anticipated conflicts. Selectat least two specific issues or barriers that you anticipate willcontribute to the conflict. Identify the management style you mostcommonly use when faced with interpersonal challenges and assessits advantages and disadvantages in this particular conflict.Determine which conflict management style you think would be mostappropriate for this situation and explain your rationale for thischoice. Identify at least two conflict management skills that youthink would be appropriate for your selected issues or barriers andexplain why they would be effective. List major points in theslides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes sectionthat correlate to each point. Include videos audio photosdiagrams or graphs as appropriate. Format your presentationconsistent with APA guidelines.

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