YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO PART 2 OF THIS ASSIGNMENT I AM ATTACHING MY ESSAY HERE YOU JUST HAVE TO CREATE A POWERPOINT WITH PICTURES AND SOUNDS REFERRING TO MY ESSAY. 10-15 SLIDES. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OVER DONE JUST SIMPLE. I JUST DONE HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT IT IS DUE TOMORROW OCTOBER 2.Sonography Overview and Clinical Simulation : Why or Why Not SonographyThis assignment is the major source of your final grade for this class. It is an opportunity to reflect and soul-search. Please be honest as your project will help direct you on the correct path to success.Part One: Write a two page essay entitled Why Sonography or Why Not Sonography . This must be a scholarly essay. You must use at least four references in your essay and they must be cited properly both in the body of the paper as well as a reference page. Required ElementsPart One (Paper)Part Two (Presentation):1. Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (10-15 minutes) about your journey based on the information contained in your essay. Be creative and incorporate ultrasound images into your presentation. 2. The essay and presentation will be graded on content grammar spelling use of technology and format. Note: You must use APA style. References must be cited in essay and the PowerPoint presentation. If you do not know how to write in the APA style you can get help in the library (LRC). There are also several sources online that can help you do your citations. Use the rubric provided to ensure that you have all components to achieve the highest possible score. Item addressed1009070-8050-600Required ElementsAll parts of essay and presentation (the project) were completed thoroughly; some extraProject has been mostly completed; no extraProject has been approximately half completedAbout 30-45% of project was completedProject was not turned inComprehensivenessDetail/ThoroughnessProject was detailed and thorough; not OVER done; useful by learnerProject was less than thorough or had entirely too much detail;? confusingSome detail included; Needed more informationInfo was not comprehensive at all; no detail; not useable by learnerNo detail at all; not doneRelevanceInformation chosen was relevant and timely; useful to the learnerInformation chosen was somewhat relevant & timely; partially useful to the learnerSome or Little relevance to the learnerVery poor relevance to learnerNo relevance to learnerGrammar/APA styleExcellent grammar/ APA style utilized; no mistakesVery good grammar utilized; 4 or fewer mistakesGood grammar utilized; 5-10 mistakesSome grammar issues; several mistakesSevere grammar issues; Multiple mistakes; learner needs academic referralTechnologyPower Point or other presentation software used with more than four images.Power Point or presentation software used with three imagesPower Point software used; one to two imagesPower Point used; no images; slides very crowdedNo technology usedCitationAll information is cited; no plagiarismMost information is citedHalf or less of information is citedVery little of the information is citedNo citations used

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