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What are the factors contributing to the differences in performance of the managers across 3 pharmacies?

What are the factors contributing to the differences in performance of the managers across 3 pharmacies?


-Exploring the different of mangers style
-The impact of the managers training
-The impact of the culture of the branch?
-Is the gender have any influence? Gender mix.
-Investigate what influences the behaviours of the managers?
-Create the training pathway to achieve outstanding performance?
– What is the impact of the training received?
-What are the differences in their behaviour in day to day practice?

Understanding the management style on performance?
What is the impact of the skills, experience and knowledge of performance?
Is the different culture and the local context can impact on performance?

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Shortage and Lack of Female Airline Pilots

Shortage and Lack of Female Airline Pilots


-Look at the topic from the business point of view, meaning Im interested to analyze and research the fact that there is a shortage of pilots around the world, and to deal with it why not utilize the female workforce to compensate the shortage. in that analysis comes the challenges. 
-Im not looking to explore why there is no equality between male and female. My idea is a business one, as how to use the female workforce effectively. I want my paper to have a business point of view and significance.
-I need the paper to be in good academic writing, fort size and structure. -Academic paper with formal language. Please refer to me with as “the author” (3rd person).
-Paragraphed correctly when every time changing a thought.
-In methodology state the primary research which you will choose and why? 
-Everything your doing must reflect to my objectives
-Everything must be supported by evidence. 
-Must provided evidence of lack of interest in commercial piloting career by women.
-Conclusions should be based on the findings.
-Think of the indian commercial market where a lot of women are now employed in the airlines vs Europe and china.
-Methodology and analysis will give you findings. then the research will reflect the objectives.
-I don’t want the paper to be just another paper of shortage of female in aviation, but to be an analytic, research, findings and recommendations from business point of view, reflecting my objectives.
-Maybe contacting females groups in aviation, or female associations. (I will try as well).
-I will be feeding you with my own research as you write the project. whenever I come across an idea or an article I will forward it to you. 
-When Im doing the final presentation, it must cover the following questions:
2. How did you go about the project writing?
3. What were the most interesting conclusions of the work (not necessarily only the written conclusions)?
4. What further research would you recommend on your topic?
Just have this in mind so that at the end you will brief me the way you wrote and thought about the project so that I can easily present it.




English-Arabic Literacy in the Primary Section of Jordanian Schools

English-Arabic Literacy in the Primary Section of Jordanian Schools



The purpose of this study is to determine parents’ attitudes toward a bilingual education policy at an international school in Amman (Jordan). This study will aim to bridge the gap between parents and school officials regarding the language policy of the school, with a particular focus on the primary school. For this study, an exploratory research methodology will take place be adopted. Focus groups, secondary research, surveys and open-ended questions will allow for the implementation of the exploratory research into a research plan, most of which will be a part of this study.

Case Study Report on JB Hi-Fi Limited

Case Study Report on JB Hi-Fi Limited



Write a report on JB Hi-Fi Limited on which you conducted ratio analysis to prepare for quiz. You will identify aspects and characteristics of the company that make up the structure of corporate governance, and calculate and analyse the risk and return for the company.

1. Follow the Assessment 2 Guidelines for all the questions and for you to prepare the report.
2. Word Count: 2000 words excluding tables and graphs
3. Use Assessment 2 Example Woodside as the template, and use the template to write the report for JB HI-Fi Limited (include all the tables and graphs from Assessment 2 Example Woodise)
4. Your report must include: 
o A brief introduction of the company (name, sector/industry, code, what the company does).
o All information outlined in the Assessment 2 Guidelines (include all the tables and graphs from Assessment 2 Example Woodise for JB HI-Fi Limited)
o Appropriate reference list
Attached some module materials and articles for your reference

Pluralism Movement in the US

Pluralism Movement in the US


Referencing the article readings that are attached, discuss the pluralism movement in America today. Cite examples from the recent past as well as today. This assignment does not need a title page. 



Assessment Criteria:

Describe the internal and external factors that contribute to the need for change in organisations.
Analyse different types of organisational change
Explain the benefits of planning organisational change.

Explain processes for managing change
Explain why organisational culture has a role in the management of change.

Explain the skills needed to manage people through organisational change.
Describe reasons for individuals to resist change.
Explain how leaders and managers can overcome resistance to change.

Describe how to monitor to monitor the implementation of change.
Explain the importance of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation process.
Use techniques to evaluate the change process.
Recommend procedures by which the change process can be continually improved.



MSN6216 Unit 9 Preparing and Managing a Capital Budget

MSN6216 Unit 9 Preparing and Managing a Capital Budget

This assignment provides an opportunity for you develop a capital budget for a major facility improvement that will benefit patients, nurses, and the organization.


You are the unit manager of a 50-bed, step-down unit, and it is time for you to prepare your annual capital budget. You have seen a significant turnover in your nursing staff in the past three years. A review of exit interviews and patient surveys indicates low nurse satisfaction, poor morale, and complaints of an antiquated and depressing work environment. You have researched the impact of a positive working environment on staff productivity and morale and decided to request a renovation of the nurses’ lounge as the main purchase in your capital budget. You will present your request as a quality improvement investment.

Assemble your budget figures in a table, using a format of your choice. You may use either Microsoft Word or Excel to create your budget table

Please place capital budget plan on first page.

Please identify every paragraph with a subject heading title as the bolded subjects below.

Completing the Budget

Describe the capital acquisition.

What is the scope of the renovation?

What will the renovated lounge look like?

o   Consider such factors as comfort, amenities, aesthetics, and capacity.

What is the timeline for the project?

Is your description of the renovation complete and accurate?

Justify the need for the capital acquisition.

In what ways will the renovation benefit the nursing staff?

o   How will those benefits affect patient care?

Examine the mission of your organization or unit.

o   How does the nurse’s lounge renovation support the mission and goals?

How are executive leaders likely to react to your budget?

Prepare the capital budget.

Do your budget have a minimum dollar amount?

Does the renovation include both direct and indirect expenses?

Have you included a budget line item for contingencies?

Describe the process for calculating costs.

What are your primary sources of cost information?

How up-to-date and reliable is your cost data?

What teams or individuals would you consult with in order to determine costs?

What are your methods of cost calculation?

Present a plan for budget management.

With whom can you collaborate to manage the budget?

o   For example, financial or administrative staff, budget committees.

What cost control methods would you employ?

How will you manage budget variances?

Explain how the renovation will affect the financial health of the organization.

Will the renovation yield a return on investment?

How long will it take for to recover the cost of the renovation?

Have you considered depreciation value?

Present budget data and information clearly and accurately.

Express your main points succinctly, using correct grammar and mechanics.

Proofread your budget to eliminate errors in your data and information.

Integrate relevant and credible sources of evidence to support your budget data and information, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style.

Is your supporting evidence clear and explicit?

Integrate relevant evidence from at least five scholarly or professional sources.

Submission Reminders

Do you have a complete and accurate description of the renovation?

Have you provided solid justification for the renovation?

Is your budget complete and accurate?

Have you explained how you determined costs?

Have you presented your plan for managing the budget?

Have you explained how the renovation will affect the financial health of the organization?

Have you presented your budget data and information clearly and accurately?


Are your claims and conclusions well supported by at least five sources of credible evidence?

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