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Substance Abuse


Substance Abuse

As you have learned, and probably know, many people abuse different substances. There are quite a number of programs that seek to help those who struggle with substance abuse. 

Select one of the following topics: 

  • Alcohol abuse 
  • Tobacco abuse 
  • Substance abuse 

Upon selecting your topic, begin researching how community/public health programs in your community (city, county, or state) can help decrease the number of people using alcohol, tobacco, or other substances. Select a program, and describe the following: 

  1. the program you have selected, 
  2. the abuse issue (alcohol, tobacco, or other substance abuse) the program is striving to combat, and 
  3. your analysis of the program’s successfulness. 

Be sure to use descriptive epidemiology to discuss why it is a community health concern. 

Your APA-formatted response should be at least 500 words (not including title and reference pages). Please use the textbook, one online resource, and at least one resource from the CSU Online Library for reference. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. 

The librarians’ contact information can be located on the right side of the CSU Online Library page in the student portal should you need assistance. 


” Persuasive Speech Outline”

Assignment 3.1 Persuasive Speech Outline Due Week 6: Select either Topic A or Topic B for your persuasive speech. 

 o Topic A: Should Children Under the Age of 10 Own Cell Phones? Deliver a speech on question of value. 

 o Topic B: Should Self-Driving Cars Be Legal? Deliver a speech on question of policy. 


2) Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word. 

 o Download the Microsoft Word template in the “Assignment 3.1” section located in Week 6 of your course. 

 o Develop a specific purpose, central idea, and several main points so you’ll stay within the 4-minute time limit. 

 o You must use at least two quality resources. 

 3) Submit the completed Microsoft Word template in Blackboard (this is separate from your speech/self-review). 


4) For this assignment, you will not compose an essay or speech. You are only required to submit an outline.  


What are the major U.S. exports and imports?

– What are the major U.S. exports and imports?  How does international trade affect U.S. consumption possibilities? (3 pts)

– What determines which goods a country should produce and export?  (3 pts)

– What is the World Trade Organization (WTO) and how does it help foster multilateral trade?  (Check the WTO website at   (4 pts)

– Firms hurt by cheap imports typically argue that restricting trade will save U.S. jobs.  What’s wrong with this argument? Are there ever any reasons to support such trade restrictions?  (5 pts)

200 words per question and each in a separate page including another page for the references from the book Macroeconomics by William A Mceachern, and STATISTA in google.


What is the warranty of merchantability?

Psychological Drivers


The Psychological Drivers of Bureaucracy: Protecting the Societal Goals of an Organization


This chapter examines the psychological drivers of bureaucracy and the ways to prevent bureaucracy. It finds that bureaucracy is a recurring theme in most organizations (Janssen, Wimmer, & Deljoo, 2015). The reason it is common in many companies, even in non-bureaucratic organizations, is that it is highly beneficial in some circumstances. It can increase work satisfaction and reduce the feelings of alienation and stress. Despite having numerous benefits, the downsides of bureaucracy outweigh the upsides.


The first driver of bureaucracy is habits. Habits are formed through the repetition of certain behaviors. The first time one encounters a situation, they may not know what to do. But after a few times of practice, they respond automatically to learned behavior. The behavioral patterns one repeats often become automatic when faced with a similar situation. Because habits require minimum cognitive effort, most responses to situations are habitual. The just stated explains in part why breaking the bureaucratic mindset is very difficult in organizations.


The second driver of bureaucracy is authoritarianism. Authority is the ability to influence, create, and maintain oneness in an environment. It eliminates all sources of diversity and focusses on maximizing sameness. Authoritarianism is a trait that is manifested in some situations and not in others. Individuals are more likely to exhibit authoritarian behavior if they are brought into an environment that requires them to act. Bureaucracy is a form of authoritarianism.


One of the ways to prevent bureaucracy is promoting worker professionalism. Workers should not feel inadequate. Instead, they should be empowered to contribute to the realization of the organization goals. While bureaucracy is a problem that affects many organizations, it is a problem that has effective protective measures. 






Question 2:




Analysis of Five Policy Cases in the Field of Energy Policy


            Corporations are adopting renewable energy in pursuit of policies that will ascertain environmental protection. The article covers some case studies documenting the implementation of specific policies and their effectiveness in sustainability initiatives. According to the authors, the 20th century had the highest rates of pollution across the globe (Bär et al., 2015). Some environmental policies have stemmed from the effects of massive pollution to reduce adverse implications. The authors begin with a theoretical approach to policy implementation and effectiveness. The article covers five case studies that offer insight into the development and application of successful eco-friendly strategies.


            The authors argue that policy implementation is the ability to turn theory into practice. In this case, policymakers assess past, present, and any future policies regarding specific issues. This exercise enables them to determine the success or failure of any policies via the evaluation of the gap between formation and implementation (Janssen, Wimmer, & Deljoo, 2015). In the article, implementation ensures positive impacts and changes. Interestingly, implementation is possible in contemporary society because of the input from interest groups as well as knowledge development by the citizens. The people are capable of mobilizing others to advocate for change in various systems. Policy cycles ensure that implementation occurs successfully.


            The five cases that the article assessed include the European Union’s policy package on climate change and renewables, German’s energy transition, KNOWBRIDGE, Kosice Self-governing Region’s (KSRs) strategy, and the management of domains related to energy in local authorities (Bär et al., 2015). Green energy production is a common theme in all the cases and possible to achieve through the application of renewable sources, such as water and wind. Nonetheless, dialogue regarding climate change is imperative because it will improve the state of the nation and organizations.

Importance Of Incorporating A Theory Or Model Relating To A Change When Implimentating Practices Changes.

 Why is it important to incorporate a theory or model related to change when implementing practice changes? Does the benefit of incorporating a change model outweigh the time and effort it took to include it? 

Business Law

You are an assistant to the attorney for FUN Company. To complete this assignment you must write a two-to-three page report discussing the legal issues and likely outcome for the case below:


SAD Co. vs. FUN Company: Several weeks ago, SAD Co. CEO met with FUN’s CEO for lunch to discuss potential business ventures between both companies. After a few shots of whiskey, SAD’s CEO tells FUN’s CEO that SAD is interested in purchasing a commercial building that FUN owns in a central area in West Palm Beach. SAD is interested in this building because of the specific location in which it is located. SAD believes that owning a building in that specific location will increase their business significantly. SAD’s CEO offers FUN’s CEO to purchase that specific building for $5 million. FUN’s CEO responds that FUN estimates that the building is worth $9 million and that they are willing to sell the building for that price give that they have no use for it. SAD’s CEO takes out a $1.00 bill gives it to FUN’s CEO and says “this is my payment so that you give me ten days to talk to my board and see if we are willing to pay $9 million.” FUN’s CEO laughs and puts the $1.00 bill in his pocket. Both CEO’s shake hands and say goodbye and leave. The next day SAD’s CEO calls an emergency meeting to discuss the $9 million purchase price and the board agrees to the purchase of the building for $9 million. Immediately after the meeting, SAD’s CEO calls FUN’s CEO on the phone and tells him that SAD agrees to purchase the building for $9 million. FUN’s CEO tells SAD’s CEO that FUN has decided not to sell the building because after their meeting yesterday they realized how much potential the building actually had. SAD is now demanding that FUN honor its word and sell them the building for$9 million.

What Are Two Ways To Address This Problem


  Consider an obstacle or barrier to the implementation of evidence-based practice you identified in last week’s discussion. What are two ways to address this problem? 

Who is ultimately responsible for the security of information in an organization?

For this Assignment, submit a 700 words response to the following in your paper:


  1. Who is ultimately responsible for the security of information in an organization?
  2. What are the disadvantages of using a VPN instead of a leased line?
  3. If a hacker hacks into a network, copies a few files, defaces the Web page, and steals credit card numbers, identify the different threat categories encompassed by this attack?
  4. What do VPNs do that firewalls cannot do?


Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:


  • Single typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.
  • The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length

Create An Inductive And Deductive Argument

Previously you were introduced to the concepts of deductive and  inductive reasoning, now consider the following statement: “Traditional  publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital  publication.”


First respond by creating a deductive argument. Then, respond using  an inductive argument. Each argument should be three-to-five sentences  in length and should stand alone. In a final paragraph, explain the type  of deduction and induction employed in each argument, and which  argument you believe is more effective in refuting or supporting the  statement provided.


    Your focus should be on creating and accurately identifying a valid deductive and inductive argument

Developmental Stages Matrix

I need help writing One paragraph(150-200 words) for each Topic(early, middle, and late adulthood) for each change(Physical changes, Cognitively changes, Socioemotionaly changes). I have provided the layout in the attachment. 




Early Adulthood – Physical changes, Cognitively changes, Socioemotionaly changes




Middle Adulthood – Physical changes, Cognitively changes, Socioemotionaly changes




Late Adulthood – Physical changes, Cognitively changes, Socioemotionaly changes

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