Briefly respond to the following 2 discussion questions.

Briefly respond to the following 2 discussion questions.  Again, proper citations and their corresponding references are required for credible answers to these question. Also please respond to at least another peer’s posting with your critical viewpoints with credible insights.

sign question number of ur answer

total need 400 words


Q1. Critically and briefly discuss the existing economic systems of the United States and its distinctive features from the economic systems of the United kingdom and Japan.

Q2. What are the key challenges does the US economy does face in the context of rapid globalization of the new economy? Is the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiation proposed by former President Obama (put on hold now Donald Trump’s Administration) for free trade negotiation with 12 countries compatible with the globalization policy of the US economic Systems? In another words, what are the pros and cons for the TPP in the context of the US economy, if passed and implemented by the US Congress?


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