MySQL Vs PostgreSQL

Some asked about the Difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL:


Here I am giving you the answer:

  • The architectural difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL is that  MySQL is a relational database management system whereas, PostgresSQL is  object-relational database management system.
  • MySQL is supported by the following operating system, Windows, Mac  OS X, Linux, BSD, UNIX, z/OS, Symbian, AmigaOS. However, the PostgreSQL   is supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD but not by UNIX, z/OS,  Symbian, AmigaOS.
  • MySQL is the product of Oracle Corporation while PostgreSQL is a product of Global Development Group.
  • My SQL programming language is not extensible whereas, the programming language PostgreSQL is highly extensible.
  • In MySQL, the phpMyAdmin tool provides GUI and SQL interface.  However, in PostgreSQL, the pgAdmin tool provides GUI and SQL interface.
  • In MySQL, Mysqldump, and XtraBackup tools provides backup. On the other hands, PostgresSQL provides complete backup online.
  • MySQL provides temporary tables but does not provide materialized  view. However, PostgreSQL provides temporary table and also the  materialized view.
  • MySQL does not offers data domain object whereas, PostgreSQL provide data domain object.

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