Information Technology In A Global Economy And Strategic Planning

Discussion 1: 500 words with 3 references


1. Discuss something that’s going wrong and is causing negative effects–that’s causing you to set this goal?……Goal : ”Ensuring proper cloud security” 


2. formulate a research goal or purpose statement related to addressing the problem you identified in above discussion.


3. After composing your goal or purpose statement, compose 4-6 open-ended research questions.  The answers to these research questions should help you achieve your goal.  




Discussion 2: 300 words with 2 references


Discuss specific areas, both within and outside, eGovernance, in which citizens living in a country that lags behind the rest of the world in ICT capacity are lacking. Include in your discussion quality of life, sustainability, safety, affluence, and any other areas that you find of interest. Use at least 8-10 sentences to discuss this topic.

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