For this discussion, choose a topic of interest for which you feel you could create a strong argument on two opposing sides or choose from one of the following topics:


– Should the government shift to funding charter schools rather than public schools?


– Is our current rate of rainforest clearing (or ocean fishing, etc.) sustainable?


– Is climate change real and human caused?


– Should ‘junk food’ be allowed in public school vending machines?


-Should sex education be taught in public schools?


In your initial post:


*Present the strongest argument you can on two different sides of your topic. Make sure to put both arguments in standard form, with the premises listed above the conclusion.


*Without staking out a position here for the initial post, consider and discuss two of the following questions:


Do these arguments represent the best arguments on each side of the question? What more can we do to better understand those on the both sides of important questions? In what ways can this kind of exercise can help you to look at issues more objectively and fairly? What more can people do to understand the views of those with different perspectives on this and other topics?

Do you think that understanding issues as strongly as possible from multiple points of view could promote a better life?

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