High Performance Computing (HPC)


Clusters, nodes, supercomputing, monster machines, Linux, Windowsoh my! The future of IT, computer processing and solving day-to-day business problems is changing. This change, in one form, is coming via computer hardware and that hardwares capability to process more data, much faster.

Discussion Question

Please provide a response to BOTH question #1 and #2

What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?
Your response CANNOT be a simple definition. A definition yes, however, your response MUST go beyond just the definition and demonstrate that you (a) understand what HPC is and (b) are able to relate this understanding to applying how HPC works and is currently being used to solve todays and tomorrows business challenges.

Using this definition and YOU OWN organization as a basis for analysis, what SPECIFIC recommendations would you make to senior management on applying HPC into the organizations IT strategy, which will take full advantage of the features and functions found in HPC?

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