what is critical thinking ?

Use SEE-I to establish the definition of critical thinking. What is critical thinking? I want
you to define this concept in your own words. What does it mean when people utter this
phrase? What does it mean to this class? What does it mean to you? This will be the State
and Explain portion. Next, in your discussion, you should have an example from
something directly discussed in class. This will be the Example portion of SEE-I. Finally,
you need to apply it to something outside of class; in other words, something not
discussed in class (current events, politics, etc.). This is the Illustration.  I want you to
apply this definition to the real world, not yourself; in other words, do not make this
paragraph about your personal experience.  Where did you see critical thinking happen?
When was it used? Or, when did it not happen, or when was it not used? The news will  be full of examples where critical thinking succeeded or failed. If you follow these
instructions, you will have SEE-I.

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