The role of an individual in a global society


I. a. Examine the role of the individual in a global society and how Global warming influences aspects of culture and the individual.

b. Using the four lenses, History, Humanities, Natural, and Applied Sciences, and Social Science, explain how global warming has influenced modern society. 

II. Analyze Global warming through each of the lenses (History, Humanities, Natural, and Applied Sciences, Social Science) to determine its impact on various institutions, using evidence and research to support each analysis.

III. Conclusion 

A. Explain how integrating the four lenses helps understand how problems in globalization impact both professional and personal contexts. 

B. Analyze how social practices have been shaped by issues and events in globalization in modern culture. 

C. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives to assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in globalization. 

D. Explain how analyzing globalization can help interactions with those of a different viewpoint culture, and perspective. 

Altogether this portfolio should be 68 pages long, not counting references. Within your portfolio, each analysis should be 35 paragraphs long.

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